So proud

 Wesley is a very quick learner at most things but writing held no interest for him.  He would rather do just about anything.  Try as hard as I could I had been unable to get him interested in sitting still and writing or even coloring for long periods of time.

  I bought him special books and we worked on holding his pen and writing his name.   I will admit at times I got fustrated and ended our lessons because I did not want to make him not want to learn.  We wrote in shaving cream, on the chalk and white board, in rice, in dirt, in glitter, with pens, markers, pencils, and crayons.  Nothing really seemed to help him want to write or even seem to really grasp to concept.

 Out of desperation I called my Mom (who usually gets a daily dose of questions from me via the phone) and  my Aunt Mary and she gave me a couple suggestions and we talked about the possibility that Wes might need more help.  I felt helpless and like I was not doing a good job with him.  That I had some how failed him already. 

 Both ladies encouraged me and told me how much of an improvement they have seen in Wes' attention span and learning skills.  I gained a little more motivation to keep trying.  Before I hung up with Aunt Mary she gave me one last bit of advice...Bribe him.

So I did.

I told him when he wrote his name I would take him to the movies.  We went together when Felicity was very little and he has talked about going again since.  I had tried bribing with little things like candy and ice cream before so I made an offer I thought he couldn't refuse.

Turns out, he couldn't!  He has been writing letters, numbers, words and his whole name since that night!!  I couldn't be more proud. We worked hard for this but I am so glad that kept working at it and now he actually really enjoys writing.

Mommy and Daddy and so proud of you Wes!  We knew you could do it!   :)


Heather said...

That is absolutely wonderful!!!
Way to go Wes!
And Mommy! :)

Anonymous said...

You are a Rock Star Writer Wes! What movie are you going to see!?

Aunt Britty

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