6 Months

I realize the Charlie is just a few days shy of 7 months but these photos were taken closer to the time when he was newly 6 months.  I just never got around to getting them on here.  

 It is hard to believe that you have already been in my arms for half a year!  I can't imagine life without you and at the same time it seems as though you just got here.  I am in awe of how quickly you are growing up.

At six months old you have learned to pull yourself up and stand.  This makes you very happy and when you are happy you drool just a little more than when you are just contently sitting.  

Your two bottom teeth have popped out.  This makes your siblings believe that you are now ready to eat food like them and I have to watch you even more carefully since you are all too willing to accept their snacks and cereal as they hand it to you.

You have fallen in love with Mum Mums, grahm crackers and tiny cooked and cut up carrots.  You seem to like to feed yourself more than Mommy feeding you.  Anything that you can safely feed yourself you appear to love.  At times you will even make growling noises as I prepare your food. 

Your curiosity about the world around you grows as you reach for and grab anything you can.  I am still not sure how but you manage to move around a room without crawling to get what you want.  You are fascinated by anything new and study it with much interest and a concerned look on your face.

Spending time outside is a new favorite and I can tell that as it warms up you will enjoy being outside just as your older siblings do.  The chickens and ducks appear to be one of the most amazing things you have ever seen.  You will even push off of me and  turn to get a better look at them. 

This past month you have really started talking in the car and it is the sweetest thing.  You "ooohhh",  "woooo" and "aaaaa" in this deep little baby man voice.  You used to just ride along but now you interact with your siblings, talk away, and seem interested in what's passing by your window.  We all love watching you learn.

Six months go by all too fast. 

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Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that I haven't seen you in almost 6 months!! You are growing way to quickly!! I love you Charlie.

Aunt Britty

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