Things like this always creep up on me, even though I know that they are coming somehow they still get me, every-time.   Just when I am busy and unsuspecting my kids grow up, do something new, prove to me once again that they are speedily becoming exactly who they are meant to be.

Charlie is the latest culprit.  He literally  made me gasp "SERIOUSLY?".  This gasp was quickly followed by "Wes quick get Mommy the camera...quick!"  The little stinker pulled himself up and was standing in his crib sucking on the railing.  Just standing there like it was no big deal, drool dripping onto the floor, STANDING!  I mean, come on, Really!  Already?  What happened to that little bundle that couldn't wake up long enough to eat?  When did he get replaced by this slobbering, food loving, STANDING baby? 


In the next few minutes Charlie fell and pulled himself up a couple times.  Each time seemed to be a little easier and resulted in much celebrating from his joyous siblings and shocked mother.  We were all shocked and overly joyful.  So joyful in fact, every photo I took came out blurry, until a certain older brother body slammed the crib and sent our newest little stander toppling down and he was once again that little baby that wanted his Mommy.  ( He wasn't hurt, don't worry.)

I am in awe,  amazed once again that I have these wonderful little people, little incredibly busy people.  That God chose me to be there mother and that I have not yet learned to not be surprised at all they are capable of and how quickly they become capable of more.  God has truly blessed me and I will thank and praise Him for allowing my babies to grow up.

I am sure there are a billion more surprises just waiting to shock me and I am so happy there are.


Trema Renae said...

What a cutie pie! They sure do grow up fast!

Christina said...

Okay, I already nearly cried reading that he wouldn't fit in the sink much longer... This is too much! :) I can only imagine how excited his brother and sister were! Gracie loves cheering Ethan on!

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