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 We have been spending a lot of time upstairs trying to get everything settled from our switching rooms around and making a family/storage closet upstairs.  I will up photos of both later for those who have asked to see them.  I had moved everything around a couple times but I finally think I got it perfect or as perfect as it is going to get.

I love moving furniture around and reorganizing but I am very slow at finishing it completely.  We went out and bought a gallon of paint for at least three of the walls in the kids room.  I am very excited to see that completed and possibly adding a second fun color on one wall. 


It's been a challenge to make a room that will work for both the boys and Felicity.  Okay, it's not that bad, I have made it onto a challenge, the kids couldn't care less what their room looks like or if their bed spreads coordinate.  I like things to look good together so I have made their room my not so little winter challenge.

  I am going to order fabric to make a curtain for the windows and have painted a couple pieces of furniture bright happy colors.  We painted over old canvases and made hand print art of hang on the walls as well as putting in my request for my mom to complete coordinating afghans for the beds.

Can you tell I enjoy this kind of stuff?  I do.  I was even going to paint the bunk beds we got at an awesome deal on Craigslist but I am going to let them be for now...I think.  Thankfully my helpers have been helpful and played contently while I have been working.  Charlie has mastered standing in his crib, while the older two play "Mommy and Daddy" or "Princess and Prince" or "babies", it has been fun watching them play together and incorporating Charlie into their make believe time.   I can't wait to be able to share pictures of them playing in the room when it is painted and finished completely!

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