Oh Christmas tree

 This year's Christmas tree cutting was much quicker than past years.  We wanted to go for a drive that day so we packed up the kids on the first below freezing December day and set out to find a tree.  Our living room is tiny and the ceiling are short so it's always a little challenging to find a tree that we can fit without it taking over our living space.  We found a great tree and had it cut down and we were back in the car in about 5 minutes!  I was happily surprised and grateful because we were all freezing our toes off!

 This is also the first year that we do not have a cat so we opted for a soft tree.  We usually get the prickliest tree we can find to keep the cats out.  This tree is so soft that it has a hard time holding up our ornaments, next year we will have to try to find a happy medium.  

 I decided to let the kids decorate the tree so I just handed them all the unbreakable ornaments and for the next 5 minutes there was flurry of activity around the tree.  After that the kids lost interest and our tree was heavily decorated around the middle. 

 Felicity was hamming it up as usual.  She is turning into a little character just like her older brother.

 Wes is in charge of watering the tree and making sure the ornaments stay on the tree.  He takes his new responsibility pretty seriously.

Charlie loves it when I lay him under the tree so that he can stare at the lights and try to eat the branches.  He loves to brag and put anything his slimy fingers grasp into his drooly mouth.  

The finished tree is just right for this year.  It's not perfect but we like it and next year the ornament will be a little higher up the tree.


Susan said...

The tree looks great Linday! You really do have the cutest family! :) OH and thanks for the pictures you took, they are making great Christmas presents!

Heather said...

Cute! I love Charlie's look in that last pic. :)

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