This year we went to two different firework shows.  I only took photos at the first show, which turned out to be the best show.

 There was a small carnival set up with lots fried food and sweet treats.   Matt treated us to a big bag of cotton candy and we all devoured it while waiting for it to get dark enough for the show to begin.

 Matt's cousin Jeffery and his fiance Patty showed up shortly after we finished wiping off all our cotton candy faces.

The kids are in love with Jeffery and his brother Jeremy who live two houses down from us.  They climbed up him and Patty giving Matt and I a chance to walk together and  hold each other's hands for a change.  It's nice to see the kids loving on other family members and making memories.

 Jeff treated the kids to their first snow cones!   Wes got a cherry cone and Felicity blue raspberry.  Needless to say Felicity's sweater may never be the same. 

 She loved every staining minute of her special treat! 

The fireworks did not start till almost 10 and by that time Felicity, who is still uncertain she like them was getting very tired. (She clings to you like Velcro and occasionally lets out a nervous giggle)  She snuggled up on Patty and went into a weird trance and eventually fell to sleep.

 Wes on the other hand bounced around from person to person commenting on nearly every firework.  Asking how they were different colors, were the ashes go, how they make different shapes and all sorts of other questions I really did not have answers for.

 The wind was blowing right towards us and with it came ashes and even some red embers.  This was just about the greatest thing ever if you were Wesley!  He was thrilled to see the embers glowing on the ground and quickly ran to stamp them out. 

You would think with all the excitement combined with the late hour would have left Wes exhausted but it did not.  He talked unstop the whole almost hour ride home.   Felicity woke up as I put her in the car and stayed awake till about five minutes from home as well.  I think it may have had something to do with all the sugar they consumed but it was all worth it and we had a great evening!

What did you do this 4th of July weekend?


Ashley Sisk said...

How great - I love their faces.

Sarah said...

How fun. Awesome firework shots.

Heather said...

Great pics! I LOVE Felicity's hair style. The headband looks very good on her! It's funny how in the first pic of Jeff he has the same crazy eyes that Wes has in the second pic. hehe :)

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