Tea Party

I used to have tea parties as a little girl with my sisters, cousins, mom, and gramma.   My mom bought Felicity a tea set before she was even born and yesterday we broke it out.

Wes has been begging to use it, for well since my mom bought it.  I finally thought it was time.

 I don't think that he could have been much happier.  I love this little guy's enthusiasm for life. 

Felicity loved the tea more than I expected.  She drank her tea without cream or sugar or just the milk straight out of the tiny ceramic pitcher. 

Look at the little fingers!   Ack, I just love them.

Wes got a little goofy and drank out of the pot.  I blame it on the tiny triangular Nutella sandwiches I made or the three tiny pots of sugar he added to his cups of tea.

 He was not always goofy.  He was very proper and gentlemanly, even kindly pouring more tea for his thirsty little sister.

Are your eyes killing you yet?  Sorry, I have more photos and I just have to share them.  I mean seriously it was our first ever tea party!  It has to be very well documented.

Once I brought out the sweetest part of the party all the sillies came out.  Wes actually started bouncing in his seat and ended up running out of the kitchen to "have more room for my energy".

Felicity found just about everything hysterical and drooled chocolate on my  her dress.  Thankfully she did not mind finishing up the last few cups of tea in a diaper and necklace.

Mmmm, good to the very last drop.

I see many more tea parties in our future and that is a very good thing.


Sarah Halstead said...

Those photos are sweet. How fun! I so remember doing tea parties as a kid.

Heather said...

You are not going to believe this but I was thinking about all of us doing a tea party some time!! So much fun!
I had read about a woman that even did it with her sons as well as daughters- it's not just a girl thing. :)
I love the idea of nutella sandwiches and the chocolate orange!

~Debra said...

Such sweet kiddos!

Julie said...

I love these. I love that Wes adds a little spice to the sugar!! My kids love tea parties. There is just something about those tiny little tea cups. So much fun!!

P.s...love the edit on these. Perfect for a "vintage" tea party!

Kelly Vasami Photography said...

What cute kiddos! :)

Photo Freak said...

tea partys...I have three boys. we ahve mud pie parties... Amazing pics

SuzyQSparkles said...

Celestial Seasonings
Sugar Cookie Tea

It comes out around Christmas. You may still be able to find some.

Even though your kids seemed to enjoy the tea you made for them, this is a nice one to have on hand. It is sweet and VERY mild; a great one to introduce kids to tea! :D

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