What did you just say?!

I have to  write all the crazy, silly, sweet things my Wesley has been saying because I just don't want to forget them. He has been surprising me almost everyday lately.  I'm not entirely sure where he comes up with this stuff.

While making cookies together.  
Me:  Wes please put the eggs back in the fridge.
Wes:  Yes your hindness.

"Yisen to the kitty Mom.  I think she (its a male cat) swallowed a helicopter."

To me after disciplining Felicity.
"Mom remember she's jes a baby.  We have to be patient with her.  She's learning."

To Felicity
"Want me to tell you a story?  Jesus said let your brother play with your toys.  Jesus says that.  He did."

"I think we should have ice cream for breakfast.  Yeah!  That's a good idea!"

"Whoa!  That was scarey.  The wind almost threwed me.  You should tie me down to something heavy."

"A  this starts with A.  a, a, a,(making the a sound) a, a, cat.  I'm so smart!"

"Let's do school.  What letter are we going to learn about today?"

"I can't eat that.  Cause I'll grow and I want to stay little forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever.  Ok mom."

"Peanut, you're just so cute."

After I cried about our kitty dying. 
"It's ok Mommy.  Take a deep breaf.  (takes a big breath)  See jes like that.  All better."

To Daddy after he told Wes if he did not behave in the store, he would be punished.
"No Daddy.  Jesus took my punishment.  He took it.  You can't punish me.  You can't."

"Belicity you need to yisten to me.  Cause I'm your brother."  "

" Can I break this?  Cause I want to fix it with my tools. I'm a good fixer."

"Oh Mommy, you're my bestest Mommy ever!"

I love this little guy!


Heather said...

That is so funny and cute! He is a little character- in a very good way! :-)

Sarah Halstead said...

Awww. These are so cute. Love them!

Maura said...

He is so cute! I love the photos too!

Beth Crocker said...

OMG! You have just totally melted my heart with your little guy! I thought mine said some cute things...but yours takes the cake! And the way you wrote it is so perfect. Thanks so much for sharing!


kbreints said...

What a sweet boy :)

Rachel said...

Love the comments. :)

And good job for you in writing, or blogging, them down. It will be a blessing to reread them as the years go by.


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