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My blogging skills have been very bad as of late.  I am sorry.  I always regret not keeping up on my blog because it is so easy to forget the things that happen if I don't write them down.  The past week or so has been a whirl wind and have left me tired, sad, and emotional.

My sister Kirstie, my last remaining sister within a 6 hour driving radius is currently driving down to Texas.  She is going to live there with my other sister Brittany.  While I am happy for her new adventure I am devastated to be left behind and alone.  This is the third time in four years that I have watched my family members pack up and moved hours away, leaving me with condiments and clean supplies.   Being that Kirstie and I were close and she was my last sister in NY  I am beyond sad to see her go.  God has plans for her in Texas,  she is there for a reason and I really am glad that she has the opportunity to be near Brittany and experience Texas.  It just takes me a little while to get readjusted after my family moves away.

 We had spur of the moment Thanksgiving change of plans.  My mom, Dan, siblings Jill, Zach and Nick all came to my house for Thanksgiving.  Their visit was unplanned but very much enjoyed.  The dinner was yummy and seeing my family was refreshing.  We ended our day with even more family at my Aunt Mary's where my Aunt Faith, Uncle John and Aunt Cathy where for dessert.  It was a good day.  

We are getting back into the swing of things now and I will hopefully start blogging again on a more consistent basis.   We are all looking forward to the fun that Christmas brings.

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Pixel Perfect said...

That has to be hard to see your family leave! But like you said God has plans for her! Looks like you guys had a fun Thanksgiving. I hope you are doing well!!


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