Me and my babes

Oh yes the much coveted Mommy and babes photos.

It is one of my greatest dreams.  To have a wonderful photo of my children with me, that portrays my love for them.  One that that captures their personalities while they are clean, happy, and void of boogers.

 I try

and try

 and try

but to no avail.

 I do  love these attempts however, unperfect (not sure that unperfect is a word, but I really think it should be) they are.

Wesley's quirky personality is shining.  His expressions are priceless and his laugh contagious as Kirstie clicked away.

 Felicity was not feeling it at all, she really wanted to go into the water or play in the leaves.  Photo taking with or without Mommy was very low on her list of priorities.

Me desperately trying not to show my double chin while still smiling, containing my children and looking at the camera. 

 The more I tried the more they fought it.

 So I fought back with a big ole' hug.

 And let them run off and go do the things that were so much more important to them then taking photos with their Mom. 

 Even if I never get that picture perfect photo, I will be happy.   I love my babies to pieces!  These attempts at the perfect photo make my heart happy and make me smile. 


Maura said...

Oh I love these pics! I too have been trying to get the perfect family picture but with two kids it is harder then it looks:)

Maura said...
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Heather said...

These photos ARE perfect. :) Frame them.

flat yeast bread said...

you guys are adorable!

Anonymous said...

I love these. I think they are the best kind.

Julie said...

I love the "mommy grip" you've got on each of them. Seriously...I think these are perfect!! Just.real.life!!

Tiffany said...

But at least they are booger free! That is a huge accomplishment in our house!

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