Birthday Boy

Wesley's birthday was a little different from his previous parties.  I did not invite friends and extended family like I have in previous years.  Another thing we did differently was his cake.  He wanted pumpkin whoopie pies and I was all too willing to give him his request.  

Let me just say that these little yummies and two other plates of them, were gone the next day. G-O-N-E

I made Wes a birthday banner out of scrap booking paper.  I might as well use it for something since I have not scrap booked since Wes' first Christmas.  Wes is a fun little guy and loves that I decorated for him.  He proudly showed it to his birthday guests.

The day before Wes and I made caramel apples.  It was much easier than I thought that it would be.  Actually the hardest part was peeling the wrappers off those stinkin caramels!  What a pain!  We were so proud of our apples and wanted to keep them safe in our tiny kitchen that we placed them in the oven for safe keeping.  Are you guessing what I did?  I preheated the oven to make dinner and melted most of the caramel off.  I was sad but apparently I'm not a quick learner because the next day when I preheated the oven for whoopie pies I actually left them in the oven again.  This time so long that I actually smelt the apples cooking before I took them out!    Notice the bubbles and color distortion.  Not to waste anything, I served them anyways.

They must not have been too bad because most of them were eaten or at least chewed on or licked.

At Wesley's request there was a variety of candy and "sugary snacks".  By the end of the day Wes was so hyper he did not even know what to do with himself.  I don't think he learned his lesson though because first thing the next morning he asked for another whoopie pie.

It was really cute when it was cake time Wes actually sat down and sang himself  "happy birfday".   He was ready to eat his pies!

Wes' favorite gifts were a Buzz Light Year from Yaya and Dan and a log skidder from Auntie Kirstie and of course the dollar from Grampie.

It was a great day full of Grandparents, Kirstie and goodies.  Wes was for sure satisfied with everything.  He is such a great kid.  I just love him to pieces!


Heather said...

Super cute! Those whoopie pies look soooo good!!!

Snapshotsofhappiness said...

Oh Heather, they were soooo good! SO GOOD!

Kristy said...

Very cute birthday banner!

kbreints said...

Looks like a DARLIING birthday and I Love the decorations! We call my mom YAYA too!

Kel said...

Aww, Happy Be-lated Anniversary to you as well!!! and boy, I wish I could have come to that birthday party...dang, all that food makes me SOOO hungry!!! looks like Wes had a GREAT birthday!!!

Julie said...

Ah..you had me laughing with the apples. that is SOOOO something I would do!!

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