No longer MIA

I did not plan on taking such a long blogging break though it was kind of nice but I did miss reading all my favorites and participating in my favorite blog hop.   I'm back now and have a post in the works to catch you up on what we have been up to (nothing too exciting), today I am going to just jump right back in with a post about something we did last week.

We went to this beautiful park like place where Matt grinds stumps a couple times a year.  We all love coming here and enjoying the beautiful world God gave us.

After spending some time digging in the wood chips we decided that some exploring was in order.

Off we went to find a little adventure.

What do you think that Wesley found to play on?

That's right he perfected his jumping skills on this high stump.  He assured me that he would not get hurt with each jump.

Felicity was sporting her new hat that Daddy bought her, she just loves hats of all shapes and sizes!  She was the first one to discover one of the many ponds and was quick to take off running towards it.

Wes tried to teach her how to scare the frogs into the water but all she wanted to do was toss stones and small sticks in the murky water.

Did I forget to mention that there were copious amount of acorns laying all over the ground?  Or that they made for the best pond rippling projectiles?  Well there were and they were the perfect size for little hands to toss into the ponds.

I just love these little hands!

The man who owns all this meticulously maintained land stopped by on his four wheeler and gave the kids sugar cookies.   He loves to see the kids every time Matt works for him.

How cute is Wes?  I helped him tie the bag but the whole thing was his idea.  If you are wondering we took home about a hundred of acorns.

This was just the beginning of a game of chase the acorns that quickly got out of control.

Any guess as to who won that game?

Felicity did use her sisterly charm to coax her brother back into sharing his acorn collection with her.   She can be quite convincing.

I just love this plot of land.  I have been coming here since I was a teenager.  Back then I used to climb down into the crevasses that are scattered around.  This area is known for it's caves and sink holes.  I am too scared to go in a cave but some of the sink holes are very pretty.   

It was a beautifully calm and fun evening of collecting and tossing acorns.

It was a perfect way to spend a late summer evening.


Heather said...

Wow- that's a big stump Wes jumped off of! Felicity's dress is so cute. :)

alicia said...

Fab photos. Love that you can take a simple day and turn it into something so beautiful.

Christina said...

Glad you're back! Sometimes a little blogging break is nice! Beautiful photos, as usual!

Maura said...

Looks like so much fun!!

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