Dress up is one of Wesley and Felicity's favorite things to do.  Recently we were given some pirate eye patches and a hat.  Wes is just in love!

Lately Felicity wants to be able to do everything that her big brother does.   Becoming "Peanut Pirate" as Weslely calls  her is no exemption.

She actually wore the hat and eye patch and for a good 10 minutes before it became a necklace.  I was surprised how long she played along with Wes and walked around only seeing out of one eye.  It was quite comical watching her turn and lift her head trying to see better.

Arrr Maties!

Such fun!


Holly said...

Kyndra loves dress up too!

Heather said...

So cute! It's also cute that Wes called her Peanut Pirate. :)

Julie said...

Cutest little pirates I've seen!!

Photo Freak said...


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