Fair fun

Matt and I have been going to county fairs together since we were dating.   He buys a pass so we can go to all the fairs in NY state and we try to visit as many around here as we can.  Well, fair session is upon us and we will be spending most of our weekends till the beginning of September amidst the grandstand and midway.  

I am not a fan of fair rides and am not going to let Wes on any rides this year.  Well maybe the big slide, but that's about it.  They scare me.  As far as  I remember I have never been on a ferris wheel and someday I would like to but I'm a little scared.

Time will tell if I will actually get on one of these anytime soon.  

Matt sat and watched the tractor pulls for awhile.  He only likes the tractors that look like tractors.  When they start getting to the ones that have jet engines,  eight car motors, and just plain look nothing like tractors, he leaves.   The kids and I joined him for about half an hour before Wes claimed he had to pee.  I really think he was just tired of watching and knew that using the bathroom would get him away.  I was done watching so off we went.

Where does a mom go with two small children in a fair packed with people, fried food, and scary rides?  Why the train house of course.   This house is really neat and I did not take any neat photos of it.   Don't worry we will go back again and maybe I will think to take some of the whole room so you can see that there are trains everywhere.

For now you will just have to believe me when I say that this was the highlight of the fair for Wesley.  He loved all the trains!   Love them!  I had to peel him away because all those trains and lights make for a very hot house.  I was melting and when I melt my patience drip away, so before I turned into a red faced sweaty grumpo, we left.

It wasn't long after that Matt called and said he was done watching the tractors.  We met and looked at all the farm animals.  We worked up quite the appetite and were in dire need of some fried dough and lemonade.  

 We ate our dripping with grease ultra healthy meal near the sand area, which Matt just loved.  He said "that's the only good thing to do with a John Deere.  Bury it in the sand.  They are using the Real tractors in the fields!"  If you remember Matt is an avid International fan, so he just thought it was too funny that there was a buried John Deere.

This photo just cracks me up!  Look at Felicity holding her tiny piece of fried dough while staring down Matt's massive piece.  The girl wants a bigger piece!  How dare her Daddy only give her such an itty bitty smidgen?   Don't worry baby girl there will be more fair food to munch on before the summer is over.


Heather said...

Great pics!

Jenilee said...

the fair looks great and her little hat is adorable!

this blessed nest said...


i have something for you on the blog...

you WON the giveaway!!!! congrats!

will you send me your email please.


p.s. i heart fairs!

Maggie said...

Hi! I am new to your blog and following you. I absolutly love the pictures on your header and the ones that you used in this post! They are so pretty and well taken. :-)

I would love if you stopped by my blog and followed me. :-)


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