I have not been blogging much, I just haven't been motivated lately.  The heat of summer has arrived and with that many outdoor activities, day trips, VBS,  visits with family, and late night bonfires.  All of which would make for really great blog posts, if I had it in me to write them.    Which lately I have not.  I have just been enjoying my family, not that I can't enjoy my family and write posts, but you know what I mean...right?

So I thought that I would fill you in on a bunch of random things that have been happening around here...

  • Felicity has discovered her eyelashes and repeatedly pulls them and her eyelid out so far that it just has to be painful!  It's really icky to see but it' her newest discovery and she's been doing a lot of it  the past few days.
  • Our duck Tom, who we thought was a girl is slowly but surely changing colors.  I think he may actually be a boy!  Yea!
  • Wes is caught up in all the summer fun and seems to have forgotten how to not pee in his pants.
  • I spanked Rachel the rooster the other day.  Just imagine that for a moment.  He pecked Felicity and went to get her again, but was quickly stopped when I grabbed him and spanked him rooster butt! 
  • I bought the cutest doll crib/cradle for Felicity at a yard sale.
  • Felicity went swimming in Matt's parent's pond for the first time.
  • Our cat Paisley is sleeping on my arm right now as I try to type this.
  • Wes is in VBS for the first time this week.  He is growing up so fast!
  • Felicity says "budda" = brother, for Wes.  She also now says "yookada"  = look at that  and "WUDLE" = Rachel (she says this in the meanest most authoritative voice a little 20 pound girl can muster, which is exactly how I say it when Rachel looks like he might be mean to the kids.)
  • I took a pregnancy test last week, just in case, it was negative....I was sad.
  • I have been feeling super crafty lately and have all sorts of great ideas floating around in my head.  I have yet to start any of them.
  • Lastly,  I want to go camping.


Pixel Perfect said...

I was wondering where you've been. Summer is keeping everyone busy. Sorry about the pg test. Your kiddos are so cute!! Have a great rest of your week!

Heather said...

I have been feeling EXACTLY the same way!! No motivation, just want to hang out with family...on and on.
SO cute about what Felicity is saying now. :)
Hehe, Wes getting caught up in fun and peeing in pants... :)

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