It's a bird, it's a plane....

It's Super Wesley!

Wes loves capes.  He had one on a pair of jammies and on a costume but both are too small now.  

This week Wes is in VBS and the theme is Super Heroes in the Bible.  All the kids were supposed to dress as their favorite Superhero today.

I have wanted to get Wes a cool cape that I have seen in other blogs but can't spend that much money right now.  So, Kirstie and I picked out the material and I bought a backpack ( I cut it up ) for a dollar for the superman symbol.  Then I used some leftover ribbon for the tie and the "W". It was supposed to be finished yesterday but, I put off making it till this morning around 7:30 and Wes had to be at VBS by 9.   It was a little rushed but I am happy with how it turned out.

Wes is thrilled!  Immediately after I tied it on him he ran outside and attempted to jump off the back porch, because "capes make you fly!"  I had to explain he really could not fly but he just might be able to run faster with a cape.  

He turned into a green and orange blur.  Running faster and jumping higher with his super Wes cape!  He requested that I make one for "sisder" so she could run with him.  :)  He is such a sweetie.

He is super excited to be Super Wes!   No so excited about having to take his cape off for lunch.  This is the face he makes when I told him that he could not eat in his cape.  Mommy may be able to make super capes but she can't get out super stains! 


Heather said...

It was GREAT! Everyone thought it was sooooo cool!
I was wondering what that fabric was of the Superman symbol! :)

Jenilee said...

what a fun new "toy"! :) cute!

A Wedding Story said...

Oh how cute!! Boys will be boys! Great pics.

Katherine said...

Oh man! These are too flippen cute. He's so divine!! Thanks for sharing.

K xx :)

kbreints said...

This is so cute! My Sam LOVES to make blankets and random things capes :)

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