Meet the Parents

Matt's parents that is.  We live in Matt's  Maternal Great-Grandma and Grandparents home.  They have all passed (I used to take care of his Grandma in her final days, before Matt and I even dated), and his parents have divided the house we now live in, into to two sections.  One larger side and a smaller side.  We live on the smaller side. But this post is not about our home it's about Matt's parents.   (I am easily distracted.)

(no the machine was not moving while Wes is hanging off the back.  He was just playing.)

Matt's parents live one house (two hay fields) East of us, Matt' paternal Granparents lived, (now his cousin lives there) one house East of them, and Matt's paternal Aunt and Uncle live one house East of them, Then on our other side to the West (the little house you see in many of our outside photos) is Matt's Maternal Aunt Uncle and their son.  We are surrounded! 

(the bottle had nothing in it but Felicity didn't know that :)

Well I used to feel surrounded, not so much anymore but I still have my days.  :)  Matt's parents are different.  Old school.  They walk to the beat of a different drummer.  They arrive late to nearly every event at my home and are full of well meaning advice.  Johnny (Matt's father) usually has a treat for Wes in his breast pocket and takes Wes for four wheeler rides often.  Irene (Matt's mom) does not visit as often as Johnny as she works during the day but when she does; she does all the Grandmotherly things like making sure the kids have enough clothes on , that their shoes are tied, the sticks in the yard are picked up, that their hands are not too cold and that plenty of kisses are given.  They are good grandparents.

I have learned a lot from them.  Patience, tolerance, love, and kindness.   We may not see eye to eye on some things but I love them.  Wesley loves them and looks forward to their visits.  He will have many great memories that his other cousins (when he has cousins) will not have because he lives so close to all of Matt's family.  That is a blessing. 

Johnny has been helping Matt build a work shed/garage.  He is knowledgeable in many things.  He can put in a furnace, change a motor, build a home, milk a cow, give four wheeler rides, put in irrigation system, plow fields, and put in driveways.  He is a jack of all trades.  He seems stern and grumpy at time but he is just taking it all in, watching.  He is teaser and instigator.  He has a soft heart. He's not the life of the party but has some great stories to tell. He loves our chickens and ducks and has been very helpful in raising them   Matt has learned a lot from him and Wesley is following in their large foot prints.  He is a firm but kind Grandpa.

Irene is motherly.  She mothers and at first I thought she smothered, I have learned that is just her way of loving.   She is always concerned for grandchild's safety.  She sings knee bouncing songs to them and teaches them little German phrases that her mother taught her.   She makes a mean pot roast and delicious rolls.  She can be very particular about how things are to be done and it takes her a long to do them but she always does a very thorough job.  She talks without thinking and has a hearty laugh. She saves everything and is the reason that Wes is able to wear some of his Daddy's outfits.  She is sweet, kind Grandma.

It has taken me years to get to know them this way.  It was like peeling back an onion; at times it stunk and we all cried but onions add great flavor to so many of my favorite meals and are well worth the pain on peeling them back.  


Heather said...

Beautiful post! I especially love the analogy at the end.
I love the editing too, of course. ;-)
And don't all Grandmothers fret of their grandchildren being too cold?? Why is that? My mom does that too! :)

Julie said...

What a great post. Now I feel like I know your in-laws, too!! I'm sure having family so close has it's dis-advantages...and yet, I'm sure the advantages outweigh them all!!

Tiffany said...

That is so sweet. It is amazing to grow with our inlaws, to begin to see them the way God does. I am learning that right now too. Having grandparents close by is such a blessing, even if it comes with "help".

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