Wesley says..

It's been awhile since I have done a post about the oh so random and funny things that Wesley says.  He is taking a much needed nap at the moment so in stead of cleaning up the toys that are left out (he'll just take them out again anways), I am writing a post on all things Wesley.

"Oh, nuffin' I was just talkin' to you on duh phone and you was not answering me.  Dats all."


(This is said nearly every time we are going to eat or do something different or fun.)
(Imagine the squeakiest, most dramatic, most excited voice possible)


"Hey Mommy?"
"How bout I give you a gunk kiss."
"A what?"
"A GUNK kiss!"
"A skunk kiss?  What's that?"
He turns his little bum to me a toots (passes gas)!
"Dat's a gunk kiss! hahahaha"

"Wes?  Where are the chickens?"
"I frew dem out."
"You threw them out?  Out where?"
"Out of dem house.  I just picked um up and threw dem out.  I said fly chickies fly.  And dem flied...dem did."
"Wes that was not very nice.  We have to be nice to the chickens.  Ok?  Next time just let them walk out of the coop all by themselves."
"I was nice.  I said, it's ok chickies, it's ok chickies."

(No chickens were hurt during the throwing.)

"Mom, sister peed in my pants.  But it was an acxidend, don't be mad at her."

"Wes, stop picking your nose."
"But there's boogers up there."
"Well then get a tissue and blow them out."
"But them I can't eat dem."

"Yeah baby!  That was a BIG poop!  Want to see it?!"

"Your duh bestest Mommy, I'd ever seened Mommy!  That just makes you so happy."

(We found these treasures in the woods while camping)
"Dems are my treasures.  I'm gonna keep dem forever and ever!  Don't frow dem away.  Ok Mommy?"

"Why are you so hyper today?"
"Umm pobly cause I ate 40 pounds of sugar."
"40 pounds of sugar?!  Where did you get 40 pounds of sugar. "

(While singing Old McDonald's Farm)

"Mommy please stop.  You are hurting my ears.  Danks."

"Sidster, stop crying.  Stop.  Hey hey hey I said stop.   Mom her not stopping."
"How about you give her something to play with?"
"Dat's ok.  Her can cry."

These are only the tips of the ice berg here.  This little guy keeps me rolling in laughter and slapping my head all day.  The things he comes up with!  What are some crazy things your kids have said or done?


Angie said...

Oh my.. I'm new around here and have never seen the "Wesley Says" posts... that was hilarious! And I love the spelling to go with the sayings! :)

Heather said...

So funny! The pics are awesome!! You guys are gonna be laughing so hard over this post in 10 years, 20 years....at his wedding! Hehe :)

Maura said...

Laughing so hard it hurts!!! I love the 40 pounds of sugar from Walmart! So funny!

Kate said...

I am in stitches....Gunk Kiss...awful!

Faith said...

Awwwwwww. that is SO sweet!!! :) Gotta love your little man.

Lisa said...

Skunk kisses...HA! So that's what they're called. My son is an expert at giving "skunk kisses"!

Caitlin said...

hahahaha oh my goodness I cannot stop laughing! I just stopped by your blog from mckmamas "out of the mouths of moms" link. I love this post! your little boy is hilarious! I need him around when I'm having a crappy day, so he can make me laugh! lol you are lucky to have your own personal comedian :-)

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