Fishing...Part Two

I can't stop thinking about last weekend.  It was just so relaxing and peaceful.  

I love that we all got to be together and spend hours of uninterrupted time with each other.

We were silly.

We ate a whole quart of strawberries.  Felicity ate at least 4.

The boys caught fish and Matt teased Wesley with them.  It was quite funny.

We had such a great time we will be spending all weekend there this coming weekend.  We are going to take the pop-up camper we just bought for a test run. 

We will be celebrating Matt's 34th Birthday (which is actually today) by doing absolutely nothing but enjoying each other and the out doors.   I think Matt really deserves a weekend "away".  

Felicity loved climbing on this old log.  Wes had to pick her up and put her on it for this photo.  He is usually very sweet and loves to help her.  

Wes keeps asking if its the weekend yet so we can go camping.  He is uber excited!

I'm thinking fishing poles, that actually work just might be the perfect father son Father's Day present.  What do you think?

We are going to have camp fires, smores, hot dogs, water melon, and fun!  I can't wait for more memories like this one.

Oh and Happy Birthday Matt! 
I love you!


Heather said...

Very sweet! Have fun this weekend!!
I love Felicity's outfit, by the way. :)

Pixel Perfect said...

Hot dogs, watermelon, AND smores!! That sounds amazing!! Love the pictures of your beautiful family. I'm glad you had such a fun time!

Victoria said...

These are so great! What wonderful memories. This weekend will be a blast!

- thanks about the swing pics - had a hard time getting the shutter right, still got some blur :-( About white balance - some indoor shots, I adjust my wb for, and then use pp to correct any errors. That particualal pic you commented on - that is set up in my garage! I cheat - lol. That is where I shoot a lot of times - great natural light!

Christina said...

You take really great pictures!!!

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