Changes are coming!!

I am so excited!  Christina from Pooh's Corner is having a blog makeover sale!  She is giving my blog a much needed face lift!  How great is that!?  If your blog is in need of a makeover or if you just want it to look pretty get on over to her blog while she is doing them for a mere $40!  I think that's a great deal!

There are also some other changes happening around here.

Someone is walking all over. 
(That's her hat around her neck.  It fell off and she liked it there as a necklace.)

Even outside.  Up until today she would not walk outside.

She walks like an old lady.  It is so funny!

And cute.

Change is good but I am going to miss that big diaper butt crawling around! 


Victoria said...

O my - she is too cute walking!! I would like to see the old lady walk - haha! the hat around her neck is too cute! Just like her!
Can't wait to see the new blog!

Christina said...


Holly said...

The new look is great!! So colorful! Christina does great work!

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