I can't tell you how much this little guy has changed me. Made me better.  Stretched me.  Tried me.  Warn me out.   Loved me.  Made me laugh.  Made me love. Made me a Mommy.

I could try to tell you how very special he is but I would fall short.

He is such a character.

He roars A LOT.

He loves to be outside, no matter the weather.  He wants to be outside.

Winter was very hard on him and me.

He couldn't be happier to be Teeter Tottering.
He calls this surfing.
I call it Hill Billie surfing.

He does dare devil tricks and give Mommy gray hairs jumps on the teeter totter.

Thank you Matthew for making the best Teeter Totter ever!

Have I ever mentioned how I love him in overalls?

He is quite the little Hill Billie surfer.

He is my little boy!   I love him to the moon and back a bazillion times!   He makes me smile, cry, read discipline books, laugh, pray and play in the mud.   We are best buds.  

We are so very very happy that warm weather is here and that we can now play outside bare foot.

Now if only Felicity was heavy enough to teeter totter with him...my arms are seriously worn out from all that pumping!  But seriously, I loved it, every minute.

I just love him!


Victoria said...

o my goodness, this post totally melted my heart! So did the pictures, especially that last one...love me some feet! Beautifully written, and wonderful pictures, as always!

Heather said...

Cool photos! The one where he is up in the air on the teeter totter and his feet are off the board a little is cool. :)

Pam said...

BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL pictures...and loved reading about how you adore your little man!

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