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I have spent hours trying to sort through a years worth of photos to display how my sweet little baby girl has grown in her first year.  It is a much harder job than I thought it would be.  I can not believe how many photos I have taken of this beautiful girl and her playful brother.  I decided to split it in half so here is Felicity's first 6 months.

You came spinning, and I mean literally spinning into the doctors arms in the early evening on April 17th.   You came much faster and easier than I ever imagined possible.  I was actually so shocked when the doctor plopped her on my deflating tummy that I did not even cry.  I just laughed and stared at my beautiful baby girl.

You weighed in slightly bigger than your brother did at 8pounds 5 ounces and 20 inches long.  You immediately grabbed a hold of your Daddy's heart and haven't not let go since.

I was amazed at how much quieter and gentler you were compared to Wesley.  You just snuggled, slept, nursed, and peed.   You peed on me (and still do) way more than Wesley did.

Our first night together was sleepless, not because you were crying but our room mates were having a hard time feeding.  Since sleep was eluding us, we had a mini photo shoot some where around 3am.  I just could not get over how perfect you were.

The rest of our hospital stay was much quieter, but we were so happy to be home on Sunday.  Home to a house full of family and friends and Easter goodies.  After and couple minutes of snuggling and nursing I handed you over to eager family members and went on a little Easter egg hunt with Wes outside.  He was more excited about the candy and eggs than his sister.

The next couple of days were full of snuggles and love.  I decided before you were born that I was not going to keep checking the baby books and listening to everyone about what you should be doing and how to do things with you.  I am so glad I made that decision.  I was able to cherish you and not worry if you were not doing what most other babies did.  I just loved you and let you be you.

 You became very familiar with my point and shoot.  We spend  hours out side in the shade watching Wes play.  I could not help but take hundreds of photos of my beautiful baby.

Wes soon learned that you was not leaving and only once asked me to "put that baby down".  He loved to kiss, give you pacifiers, watch, snuggle, and read to you.  He is such a wonderful big brother.

When you were not relaxing in baskets you were snuggled up against me in her wrap.  You spent countless hours there while I played with Wes, cleaned, cooked, shopped, or went for walks.  You absolutely love your wraps.

As your first month came to an end, I could not believe how much I loved you.  You were the sweetest, snuggliest baby.  Wes was not much of a snuggler so I gobbled up every snuggle I could get.  Your first month was also fun of trips to the lactation consultant and hours and hours and hours of pumping.  I would wake up every four hours even after you were not waking up to eat, to pump to try to increase my supply.  It was so much work, but so worth it!

Matt was working long hours so he spent the most time with you at night.  Surprisingly you liked to be held that way by.  You prefer your Mommy but would let Daddy get his share of snuggles in.

I loved all the dark hair you were born with and wondered if you would keep it or be a blondie like you brother.  I loved giving you baby mohawks!  Aren't they cute?

I could not have been happier when I caught your first smile on camera.  I love those big toothless baby smiles.

When I would clean or do laundry up stairs Wes would ready stories and sing to you.  Moments like that melted my heart.

You are seven weeks on in this photo.  I had just gotten back from a 5 day long stay in the hospital because of my bad gallbladder.   I missed you so much it hurt.  It was amazing how much you changed while I was away.

Tummy time was not a favorite but you would tolerate it if you were on your boppy.  Your hair was slowing beginning to turn lighter and fall out.

We spent warm summer days by the pond at Grandma and Grandpa's farm.  I loved putting you in sun dresses and big floppy hats.

Wes wanted you to come into the water and swim with him.  You and I just sat in the grass and watched.

Yaya gave me all my baby clothes and every time I found an outfit that fit you, we had a photo shoot.  You loved all the attention and looked so sweet.

Yaya painted your toes when you were two months old.  You had not yet found your feet so you were sucking on them.  Everyone loved you pink painted toes.
Your first experience with water was near Cooper's town.  Daddy put your feet in and we let the waves splash you.  You really seemed to like it.

The jumping jungle was one of my favorite toys for you.  You loved it.

You even fell to sleep in it once.

By Early August you were sitting by yourself for about a minute at a time.  Most of your hair was gone, you had a small patch of dark brown hair on the bottom of the back of your head that stayed  the longest.

You had also learned to roll from your tummy to your back.

In Mid August we drove to New Jersey, while you had your first cold, to see your Yaya and Dan get married.  We all enjoyed spending time on the beach.

I made you a special wrap to match my dress and to wear on the beach.  You slept through the whole wedding and most of the lunch that followed.   When we were playing on the beach I would walk in the water and let it splash your wrap to keep you cool.   Your were very happy.

By early September you were sitting very well on your own and almost completely bald.  You were rarely outside with out a hat to  protect your cute little head. 

Wrap time was still one of your favorite times and it is where you spent all your time while we went for hikes and walks on the weekends with Daddy.  

You are developing your personality and coo and babble all day long.  Watching Wes is one of your favorite pass times.

We tried giving you homemade baby food but you really are not very interested.  You will eat applesauce and avocado but that is about it.

Your six month birthday arrives as summer ends and fall begins.  It was also about the time that I got my new camera and you became one of my favorite models.  

Your first 6 months were full of snuggles and love.  You were so content and usually only fussed when you were hungry or tired.  You still loved to be held and usually fell to sleep right after eating.  I really enjoyed holding you while you slept.   God really blessed us with such a happy healthy beautiful baby  girl!


Nicole said...

I love this post! I love watching her grow up through those pictures, can't wait for the second half.

Heather said...

Awww, that is so sweet and I LOVED the pictures!! When she is older she will have so much fun reading this!!!

Julie said...

These are just gorgeous. I absolutely love the feet in the water one!! Priceless. She is such a sweet girl and what a treasure to have all these memories written down!

Outnumbered by 3 Stooges!! said...

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Simply Cintia said...

just found the blog, it's gorgeous!!!

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