Working hard

Matt got called into work tonight right when we were about to sit and eat our yummy Chicken noodle soup.  He was a little upset so I volunteered to go with him.  It's not the first time that I have gone to work with him and I know that he really loves it.  Kirstie stayed with the kids, while Matt and I scarfed down our soup and headed out.

I have discovered that I really like taking photos of things that Matt enjoys.  I love seeing his face light up when I show him photos that he really appreciates.

He really works so hard to take care of us! 

We joke about switching jobs, he staying home with the kids while I go to his job.  I realize after working with him for a short period of time...there is no way I could do what he does.

We only had to move around some pipes, cut them, and bend one  but it really takes some thinking to know where to cut and then how to bend those long pipes! 


And let me tell you that saw was REALLY loud!  Thank goodness for hearing protection!

So many days he comes home tired and I just nag him about laying on the couch and not spending time with me or the kids but he really does work hard.


Zooming around of the forklift looks super easy but I have a feeling it takes some thinking, though you would never know it by watching him!

Thank you baby!


I appreciate all the hard work you do and although I do not always tell you or show you the right way, I love you so so very much and can't wait for you to get home!

God has truly blessed me with you!  We are made for each other and I could not imagine anyone better for me than you!

I Love You!


Heather said...

Sweet post, Lindsay!! I love the photos, you are so creative. And I love the editing!!

Sailor and Co said...

these photos are FANTASTIC girl!!!!

Christina said...

Awesome pictures! He is a hard-working man! This is a great way to tell him how much you appreciate him!

Jenn said...

Your photos are amazing! I enjoyed looking through them :)

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