Wednesdays with Wesley

This week has been smoother than last week.  Much smoother!  Wes is finally deciding that Mommy and Daddy do know best and is learning to stop crying so much when things don't go as planned.  Yea!  

We have had a lot of fun this week!  Playing Candy Land, Memory, doing school work, playing with our friends cat (we are cat sitting), singing and making up songs, making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and brownies.

One of Wesley's favorite things to do is School work, while Felicity takes her morning nap.  So when I picked up Felicity and asked her, "Are you ready to go to bed Peanut?"   Wes, who was standing right next to us, chimed in, in his squeakiest little voice, "Yes, put me to bed Mommy."  Then he jumps back like he was shocked and says, in his normal voice, "WOA Mommy, her said her wanted to go to bed! Her did!  Put her to  bed Mommy.  Yet's do school work!"  

The boy just cracks me up!


This is Wesley when he learned if he climbs on Felicity's piano he can get onto the gate and unlatch it from the other side.


This is Wesley trying to climb over and get away from Mommy when he realized I was watching him!

Kirstie watched both kids for us on Sunday, so Matt and I could have an in house date (watch movies, eat dinner and do 6 loads of laundry).  She has a bath tub and since we do not it is a great treat for the kids to go over there and play!    Wes came back, squeaky clean and with a mohawk!  I loved it!  When I tried to get him to look at me for a photo, this is what I got.   I don't think he realizes that I can tell he is not looking at me.  


Now he is just being silly.  Super cute and silly.

Every week is an adventure.  I love you little buddy!


Heather said...

That is so cute that he tried to do a Felicity voice and said she wanted to go to bed! ha! He is smart. :)

Christina said...

Oh my gosh, he says and does the funniest things! I love his mohawk, he is precious!

happygal said...

Oh my, that impish, "I've been busted" face is the best!

Sailor and Co said...

the climbing pics are to die FOR!

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