Wednesdays with Wesley, snow edition!


Yea!   Finally it snowed again in NY!  Wes and I are so very happy!  Matt, not so much but he promised to make a big snowman with us when he gets home.  Yea for snow!

Wes has just been hanging out at home this week.  He is going stir crazy!  Nuts, bouncing off the walls, jumping up and down, up and down, up and down,  tormenting the cat we are cat sitting,  snuggling, doing school work, having time outs and cracking us up!


When he got up this morning and saw the snow, he was thrilled and as soon as Felicity went down for her nap we bundled up and headed out.


This was his attempt at a snow angel.  I could not stop laughing!  He sunk even deeper but I was laughing so hard all the photos came out blurry.  Hysterical!

We of course had to clear off a tractor so he could drive.

I walked off to take some snow pictures and when I looked behind me Wes was crawling through the deep snow.  When I asked why he was not walking he said, "Cause I losted my boot."  

Oh man,  let's just say it's not easy to find a small boot in 15 inches of snow!


Once I finally found his boot and put it on his now freezing and soaking wet foot we started to head back inside.  But little boys can't walk with wet feet.  They just can't!

He asked to be dragged.

Why and where he came up with this idea, I have no idea.  He absolutely loved, "sledding on his belly".  What a silly boy.


Heather said...

Cute pics! I can't wait for Brad to be able to walk around in the snow. :) Well, I can. I don't want him to grow up too fast!! :)

Victoria said...

haha - I would have like to see that little boot in all that snow!

Amy said...

What a great smile. That's a boy for ya.

molly said...

Pics are TOO cute! Great shots and how much FUN does that snow look!

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