Silly Siblings

I have started working again. Only 4 hours, two days a week but it is going to give me some money to be able to buy the lenses that I really want.  It is amazing to me how much I miss my kids while I am gone.  I always want to run home  to see them. 


When I came home yesterday, Kirstie had dressed Felicity in a little outfit that she given to her by our friend Julie.   I had never put it on her because I am a big fan in babies wearing baby clothes.  I did think think she was adorable and had to take some photos of her, even if she was dressed like a big girl.

The hat says "I don't do pink" and we all know that's NOT true.  She does in fact do pink and it looks oh so cute on her!

I thought the hat made her look a little too boyish so I switched it out with a pink bow and a bracelet.  Much better.  :-)

You can tell that she is feeling much better.  No more puffy red eyes!  I am so happy to see her playing happily again.

Apparently so is Wesley.


Have I mentioned how often she stands alone?  She is so proud of herself when she does.  

Wes was feeling a little left out  and asked me to take some pictures of him as well. 


How could I refuse a face like that?


Or that?
The boy has so many different expressions.  

He asked to see every photo after it was taken and then would say "oh that's cute", "you silly goose", or "try again Mommy".   He sounds an awful lot like his Mommy. :-)

He is such a wonderfully, expressive little guy.  I never have to wonder what is on his mind.  He has no issues saying what he is thinking, feeling, or what he wants. 

So when he made this face I knew that my photo time with him was about to end.  When he asked to see this one he exclaimed, "Oh dats my fAAbrit!"

And with last photo he jumped up ran into the kitchen and asked for a snack.  Man, I miss these little guys when I am gone!


Amy said...

Cute hat! My babies never "did black" but paired with a super girlie outfit, it's cute. Nice shots of the kiddo's.

Victoria said...

Love these! She is such a doll - We also do pink - and lots of it!!! Wes looks like hes all boy with a lot of personality!

Heather said...

I love this photo shoot!! Cute pics!!

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