Fridays with Felicity!

I'm later than usual getting this post up because we have been having a lot of snowy things.  Like this...


But more on that later.   This post is for Felicity and all her wonderfulness. 

My baby girl has mastered the stairs. A.k.a., can climb them almost as fast as I can walk them!


But she is so stink'n cute that I let her do it every time we have to go upstairs. 


She can even climb them in a dress!  How impressive.


Did I mention that she is also trying to climb up onto the couch?  That she can climb in and out of her chair and onto Wesley's desk?  Well she can and she is so very very proud!

Her favorite stuffed animal is her teddy bear that my mom bought for her last Christmas.  She loves this teddy and cries and reaches for him if I leave him in her crib.  It is really sweet.  I wonder if she will keep him as her special friend?  And I could use some help naming this little guy.  He is a boy teddy.  Any suggestions?

Do your children have a special something they like to sleep with?


Sailor and Co said...

snugglin teddy :) cute

Sherri said...

You are an amazing photographer!!!
Love the sweet pictures...my kids like to cuddle with ME...all night...and I have 5...I am running short on space! We need some teddy bears =)!

Victoria said...

She is such a doll!!! Logan does not have a favorite snuggy! I wish she did! Love that teddy - we are pretty generic with names over here, you know, "Mr. Froggy, Mr. Elephant, Mrs. Butterfly.." don't ask us for help!

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