Fridays with Felicity!

I am so excited to start these new weekly posts about all the things my kidos are doing and how much they change each and every week!

*I did not edit any of these photos, this week is super busy so bear with me*

This week Felicity...

~ Began standing alone for a minute of more at a time.
~  Climbing the stairs!
~Drinking from a straw.
~Taking her diaper off.


~Ate a pickle given to her by Kirstie!  Don't let the concerned look fool you, she really liked it. :)
~ Is sleeping from 8:30ish till 8:30 with two naps during the day.
~ Cries "mamamamamama" while crawling to the bathroom nearly every time I go there.
~Wave bye bye every time she leaves or goes to bed.  Unless of course I am trying to show someone her new found skill, then she just looks at me like I'm crazy!


~Still has a loving relationship with her toes and fingers.
~She out eats Wes at nearly every meal.
~Loves her wrap.


Victoria said...

She is so beautiful! I may have to start doing these updates - its a great way to keep up with the changes!

Heather said...

I love the lighting in the first photo! :)
Brad does that too with food- even though he likes something sometimes he will have a concerned look on his face.
Love the toes picture-
Felicity is just too cute!

Jenilee said...

cute cute baby!!! I love when babies grab their little feet. :)

Julie said...

How sweet! I love that last picture too. Great lighting.

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