Slippin' in a Winter Wonderland

Awww finally a day above freezing, a day to get up early, bundle up, find some good friends, grab your camera, and shoot till your fingers freeze.  So snuggle up with a cup of tea, hot cocoa, coffee, or whatever suites your fancy because I am about to take you on a virtual adventure to No Man's Land, where the deer and the antelope play.  Sorry.  If you use your imagination you can almost hear the snow crunch, the camera's click, the sled scrape across the ice and the babies gasp when the wind blows and they forget to turn their heads.

We start our adventure at Heather's mom's home, a darling log cabin snuggled in the heart of No Man's Land, nestled in between a dirt road and a cluster of trees.  Here we find Wesley and Felicity frolicking in the summer temperatures.  Hey it was 4 degrees earlier this week so 40 feels like summer!  Where was I?  Oh yes, the local children, adorable aren't they.

And there's Heather and her son....Wait!  What is she doing stealing that poor little boy's sled?  Stop Thief!  Someone help him!

There we are, much better the little boy was rescued by Kirstie the kind helper.  Oh no, they aren't happy!   Are they pushing Heather down the hill?  Yes they are, poor Heather, bet she'll never steal from Wes again.

Looks like everyone made up.  People out here have to stick together because, well the coyotes might get you if you don't.  

Can you hear the click, click click, click?

What is he smiling about?  Doesn't he know another snow storm is going to hit this weekend?  He better enjoy the heat wave while it lasts!
Our adventure continues as all the children are snugly packed into the sled.  This is the only means of transportation people out here can afford.  Ok, maybe not but it is definitely the most fun!

Whoops!  The crazy siblings booted poor Bradley off.  Good thing his Mommy can multitask and was there to save him and capture the whole thing with her super duper Canon!

We are about to loose another one.  Felicity tries her best to contain the ball of energy that is Wesley, but she can't...

Kirstie even grabs him, but he is too strong!  He uses his super 3 year old powers to spin her around, nearly knocking her down!

And there he goes, leaving the babies to fend for themselves in the wild.

Of course they are not really alone.  They have their Mommies.

And Wes does come back, but only because he can't make his own hot cocoa yet.

 Did you feel the warm chilly air, hear the children shriek, and wish you were with us? We sure enjoyed our rare day outside in January.  Do you spend time outside in the winter?  What do you do?


Kristi said...

Very very cute Lindsay. Love the bright colors on all the kids. Are they that bright when you take the picture or are they enhanced by a program?

Jenilee said...

I love the sled! it is really cute. and, again, I love the bright colors :)

Heather said...

Again- I LOVED your photos! Great story with the pics! :-)

lovingmylife said...

I think I may have gone a little overboard with the vignette! :) Heather for some reason your link is not showing up :(

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