Not Me Monday

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When God provides such beautiful scenery how could I not want to go out and take some photos of it? I would never however, dream of taking my two small children on  a fourwheeler in 32 degree weather.  Nor would I continue attempting to ride out into the back field after getting stuck our yard.  I am a such more responsible and careful Mom than that!

This then would most definitely NOT be a photo of my small son on a VERY stuck four wheeler way out in the farthest field!


I would NEVER get stuck half a mile from home in 6-12 inches (the snow had drifted) of snow.  If I had however I would not have stopped and called my mom who lives 10minutes 6 hours away for help!  Really how could she help me?

I would have tried to make this not so fun time a fun time and had a snowball fight with my singing bunny carrying Wesley.

That snowball fight would not turn into a full out war with snowballs the size of softballs flying mostly from me a few of which I might have thrown. :)

And since you all know me and know how I love clean children I would not have brought my dirty faced son on this four wheeling mishap.  My kids are always freshly bathed and smell heavenly.

Since I did not bring my children on a wintery ride I did not take a photo of Wes waving good bye and crying, yes he was hysterically crying in this photo (that is IF this really happened) because he did not want to leave Mommy's four wheeler in the snow.

It was not a long walk back.

Beautiful but long.

So long that my usually energy filled 3 year old would not have to take numerous rests...

Or hug his bunny and ask for his bed and pillow.

Nope we did take nearly an hour to walk through at time knee deep snow because I wanted to take snow pretty snow photos.  Nope not me!


Heather said...

So cute! I'm glad you are okay!!
I love the pic of Wes resting in the snow; you can totally see it in his face that he is like "*sigh* I need to rest" :-)

Liz said...

Cute kiddos!

Found you via the link on MckMama's site. :)


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