Twas right after Christmas

And all through the house
Toys and clothes were thrown all about
Stocking are empty and tossed over there
With boxes and paper for Felicity to tear.

Dad is asleep and Mom editing
more photos and snapshots of Wes and T.
The kids are snuggled tightly warm in their beds,
Memories of Christmas dancing in their heads.

When out in the kitchen there rose such a clatter,
Everyone woke up, to see what was the matter,
A mountain of dishes had crashed to the floor
Cookies, pies and leftovers aglor!

The clean up has started as our
Family goes home.
We miss them already
It's so quiet when we are alone.

In the last 5 days we have done so much
Laughed, played, eaten cookies and such.
Gifts were given and memories shared
with the loved ones who care.

It is important to remember the reason
they were all here
to celebrate the birth of Jesus,
Our Savior, who we love so dear.

He came as a babe to save us all
From our sins and to show
Us the way we are to live
And to love one and all!

So Thank you dear Jesus
 For the greatest gift of all
Eternal life with you
and forgiveness when we fall!

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Heather said...

Very creative, Lindsay! Great post. :-)

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