Sleep in Heavenly Peace

My husband works hard so I can stay home with the kids. Most days leaving around 5am so when he comes home and wants to relax or catch a few minutes of shut eye, I try to let him. Some days I do bug him to play with the kids or pay attention to me but yesterday I just let him sleep. You see he was feeding Felicity and zonked right out, causing her to finish feeding herself while she was half asleep. I watched this all happen from the other end of the couch where I was snuggling Wes and watching a Christmas movie. Matt and Felicity were so sweet and cozy together. They slept right through the movie, getting Wes ready and put to bed, and me taking photos of them. Matt woke up when I picked up Felicity and put her in her bed but by the time I came back downstairs, he was softly snoring again by the light of the Christmas tree.
I love my family!


Cass said...

Awww! That is something my husband would do. I have pictures of him with both our girls asleep on his shoulder. I love watching them together.

Christina said...

Such a sweet picture! I'm so glad you were able to catch that precious moment. :)

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