Seven Months old.

Felicity is seven months old and pulling herself up! Yes you read that right, she pulled herself up yesterday and was standing and jumping as if she had been doing it forever! I really should not be surprised, I saw the warning signs. She loves to stand on my lap and jump in the Jonny Jumper but still I was not prepared to find her standing in her crib!

Wes was crawling, climbing up stairs, and pulling up and standing on anything he could reach at her age, but still I was not prepared. I am not ready to have my sweet little baby girl grow into a tumbling toddler, to watch her chubby little thighs slim down and become muscular, to hear another pidder padder of chubby little feet running around my house. I am not sure if it is because she is a girl, or because I saw how fast Wes has grown and I see what a big boy he is now but I really just want to delay all these big mile stones.

Don't get me wrong I am so proud of me girl. You can't help but be proud and congratulate her while she stands there happily sucking on the crib rail that she just pulled herself up on (and yes we will be lowering her mattress now) but still I can't help but wish she had waited just a little longer to conquer this milestone.

She is my little sweet girl and possibly my last :( and I am learning to be ok with that but I want to cherish and savor every tiny little minute I have her tiny for. So if I smack your hand and rip my darling out of your hands when you try to help her walk don't be offended I am just trying to keep my baby a baby a little longer. And just to make you all swoon and to prove that she really truly is growing faster than even I thought possible here is a newborn pictures of her. :) Enjoy!

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