This won't last long

This won't last long...they will soon be grown.

My house won't always have finger prints on all the windows, cracker crumbs under all the furniture, smelly diapers in the garbage, toys everywhere, or stools in front of the bathroom sink. There will not always be late night cuddles, early morning snuggles, mid-day struggles, or bed time battles. One day they will both pee and poo on the potty, learn to wash their own faces, read their own books, and dress themselves. I will be able to clean my house without hold them, sit through a church service without wondering if they are crying, go shopping without dried fruit and juice cups and bottles in my purse.

Wes will finally learn that "why" really does not belong at the end of every sentence. That it is not a requirement to be dirty EVERY day. That naps really are nice in the middle of the day. That teeth brushing is not the end of the world and that Daddy really can't fix everything

Felicity won't want to snuggle all day long, she'll soon out grow those adorable little ruffle tights. I won't always have to stop making dinner to nurse her and she won't always fit in her sling. She will soon learn there are better ways to get my attention besides screaming at me. And that between the hours of 9pm and 7am is not the ultimate time to snuggle.

Those days are coming all too soon and some days it seems like not soon enough. But I'll take the adoring looks along with the endless mess because they won't be little forever. The baby and toddler days are very fleeting, so bring on the snotty noses, poopy diapers, sleepless nights, dirty house, and chaos! Soon they'll be too big to snuggle and hold so I'm going to cherish every moment the best I can while they last!


Heathymom said...

Aww, I like this one! It is so true, enjoy everything even the mess and snotty noses!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Lou, that was awesome I really like the way you wrote it, its like awesome Mom Poetry!!!

Faith said...

SO great. Love this!!

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