We might be a little late but at least we finished before Halloween. :) Late with what? Well carving and painting our pumpkins. We are not big into Halloween but I have always liked carving pumpkins and this year my sister Kirstie bought a book with different templates to put on the pumpkin to make really neat carvings. I of course chose the easiest ones because I knew the kids would be all too eager to help and wanted to be done with the knives as fast as possible. I would like to mention that no little fingers or hands were hurt in the making of these pumpkins. :)

Wesley chose a spider and Elisabeth, Wes's friend and the little girl I used to nanny chose a face. Kirstie chose a much more complicated haunted house, complete with bats and a spooky tree. All came out very well, if I might say so myself! The kids were not into getting the gunk out of the pumpkins. I thought they might think it was neat but, nope! Ewww...silly kids. :)

Even Felicity got in on the fun. Well mostly she just licked the pumpkins but she enjoyed herself. In her attempts to eat the seeds, and she tried very hard. She toppled over into the goo and permanently colored her cute little outfit orange. O well.

This morning after Wes' first sleep over (well at least the first one he can remember) he and Elisabeth painted the smaller pumpkins. Everything started ok till Wes started to paint Lizzy. Lets just say she prefers to be clean. :) After assuring her it would come off we were back to painting pumpkins and floors and the couch and the baby jumper and each other! About 10 babywipes later and a change of clothes everything was back the way we started minus the pumpkins of course!

Tonight we are going to try trick or treating with friends in their nice neighborhood. Let's hope Wes does not get too scared by all the scary stuff. :) Do any of you have plans for tonight? Or funny stories about trick or treating?

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